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Spotless Summer Skin:

Spotless Summer Skin: All the Fun without all the Sun!

You’ve worked all spring to get in perfect shape for summer swimsuit season. You look great, feel great, and can’t wait to hit the lake or beach. But after a day or two in the sun, unattractive spots start to crop up on your face, back, or arms. What went wrong? Is it a fungus? Is it a cancer? What should you do? Look to the color guide below for advice on how to keep your skin spotless all summer long:

Red spots: red scaly spots on the back and chest are sometimes triggered by a yeast and can become more prominent with sun exposure. A quick, painless test can be performed in the office at Fresh Dermatology to diagnosis the problem and a simple prescription will get it under control.

White spots: white spots on the cheek are common in children and teens in the summer. They are sometimes due to a condition called pityriasis alba. When this is the case the dermatologist can prescribe a cream to return the skin to its natural shade.

Brown spots: brown patches on the upper lip or cheeks can sometimes be due to a condition called melasma. Melasma is triggered by a combination of sun and hormones and has to be treated carefully. Photofacials should be avoided in patients with melasma because they can make it worse. The best treatment for melasma is usually a combination of sunscreen, fade cream, and a laser procedure called Clear+Brilliant.

Black spots: Melanoma is a life threatening form of skin cancer that is often characterized as having black color. A new growth on the skin that is black, asymmetrical, or rapidly growing should be evaluated right away by a board certified dermatologist. In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends a full skin check for all adults annually.

No matter your destination this summer, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are your three best accessories for spotless summer skin. If you need more information about melanoma or have a spot that needs to be evaluated call 512-615-5600 for an appointment with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Candace Thrash at Fresh Dermatology in Lakeway.


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