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My love of great skin care products began at 21 when friends treated me to a facial at a high end salon. As the aesthetician worked, she educated me on the value of high quality skincare & helped me select a product that was right for me.  From then on I was hooked. Even when I didn’t have much money, I made it a priority to take good care of my skin. Over 20 years later, I still love my products and can’t wait to use them.

effective skin care products

What defines a great skin care product?

Believe it or not, it’s not price.  I frequently recommend products from the drugstore that cost $20 or less. I don’t use anything worth more than ~$200, including products which have won awards from New Beauty, Allure, and InStyle Magazine.  While the counters of Neiman Marcus are filled with $300 lotions in shiny packages, the pretty box doesn’t make them worth the price.

It’s also not celebrity endorsement.

From Adam Levine to Cindy Crawford, famous people love to give skincare advice. Paid endorsements drive up the price but mean little in terms of results. You wouldn’t come to a dermatologist for advice about your music career, so why would you take medical advice from a musician?

Scientific Proof

The hallmark of a great skin care product is scientific proof. A good product will come backed by scientific evidence that it is safe, effective, and convenient to use.

Come in to Fresh Dermatology and we’ll be happy to help you find a scientifically proven product you can’t wait to use!

– Dr. Thrash
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